Greener days ahead!

Stick Cribs in Southbranch Creek (close-up)

With a background in fine art, I have grown to pay attention to detail and the fine tuning of objects around me. Naturally, I have noticed the intimate intricacies that nature so beautifully presents. I have found myself dumbfounded by the detail and organic beauty within our Earth. Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci sequence has taught me a lot about the way of Universe and the profound mathematical patterns that make up everything we see. I am constantly amazed with new information about nature and how to sustain it, so I was inclined to create this blog. It will be dedicated to my journey in environmental science.

As of Fall 2012, I’ve been taking a course at UW-Milwaukee titled, Introduction to Conservation and Environmental Science. Throughout this course I have re-established knowledge from high school courses in ecology, biology and marine biology while gaining entirely new information about the global and political aspects of ecology as well as hands on experience. As part of the service learning portion of this course, I have teamed up with River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) to work on restoring native species and removal invasive species around the Milwaukee River Basin and Southbranch Creek tributary in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. This experience has given me a more knowledgable and wiser perspective on Earth’s valuable resources. It is rewarding to get involved in different ways that will decrease the issue of urban decline and create greener spaces within my wonderful city. This course is just the stepping stone for the work I plan to do in environmental science and sustainable development. I am excited to integrate my experience and passion in fine arts in collision with a love for ecology and let the fireworks begin!


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