RRF Intro Hike


Riverview Location

These images were taken on October 14, 2012 as part of my visual portrayal of the service learning I do involved in river restoration.

My first experience with River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) was a two hour intro hike to the Milwaukee River Estuary and the surrounding land owned by RRF. Vince Bushell, Project Coordinator and Land Steward for RRF, lead my group and I along the Beerline Trail that RRF has renovated into a public access walkway and bike trail. The trail connects surrounding neighborhoods and linking Gordon Park and Riverwest to Commerce Street. This work is very beneficial to the invaluable green land around the Milwaukee River. Protecting the land helps buffer the Milwaukee River and preserve critical green space within the urban city.

Panoramic of Riverview

Panoramic of Riverview


Milwaukee River

The Beerline trail has been a great success, allowing mountain bikers, hikers, walkers and runners, and students be a part of the beautiful space along the river. The trail opens doors for the economy of the city and will also improve community health. The Riverwest neighborhoods around North Avenue are very dense so by providing a public space for recreational activities will encourage community members to take part in physical activity. The trail is suitable for all walks of life, young and old, it is a colorful and abundant land that has become the pass time for many locals.


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