Canoe Bed

Project Coordinator, Vince Bushell, leading way to the river.

Close up of canoe frame.

Close up of canoe frame.

20121116_110602Michael unloading gravel.
Finished canoe bed.

Finished canoe bed!


I had the pleasure of creating a canoe bed at the Riverview location owned by River Revitalization Foundation. First, with a classmate, I began to move a long stretch of sticks that had been laid over tarp in order to prevent the invasive Garlic Mustard from spreading. With help from classmates arriving after us, we removed the sticks and rolled up the tarps in no time. Afterwards, project coordinator, Vince Bushell, organized us into separate groups. My partner, Michael and I were instructed to use the tarp and create a ground for the gravel to rest on for the canoe bed. With help from the group up the hill off the river, we were brought barrels of rocks and sand to spread out. The canoe space was successful and conveniently located along the Milwaukee River basin!

Having a canoe readily available for students and volunteers, RRF can promote a deeper understanding of the environment and how special the green space of the Beerline Trail is. It allows students to have an exciting experience down the river and create an aesthetic value that promotes motivation to preserve the space. Public access promotes the socio-cultural side of ecology. The involvement of community members is crucial to the ecosystem because it promotes politics and funding for further restoration.

I was surprised to have the opportunity to canoe down the river and every second was enjoyable. I have lived in Milwaukee my entire life and know the city very well, to see a part of it that I never had was truly refreshing. I am starting to see just how special the green space is in Riverview. it is one of the few places along the river in city that provides public access and education. I am glad I could partake in allowing the mission of RRF to grow.

Getting in the canoe.

Preparing for Canoe Ride

Canoe Ride

Canoe Ride


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