Give Thanks to Your City!

11/16/12River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) has done an inspirational amount of work to help the quality of life in the greater metro city of Milwaukee. I feel that Southeastern Wisconsin is lucky to have a proactive culture in environmental restoration. The evidence of the positive effect RRF has in our community can be seen at both locations I have worked. Along the involvement that the community now has with the reviving green space along the Milwaukee River, there is significant improvement with biodiversity. The success of RRF and careful planning of restoration has caught the attention of donors that provide substantial funding for the organization. Every local ecology center does a wonderful job in restoring the green space in our urban city. Together, with help from all walks of life, we can put an end to overcrowded unhealthy land and make way for a greener flourishing city. It is never too late to give back to the earth and add your share of TLC to the world of restoration. The participation I have had with RRF is only the beginning; over the semester I have been looking into more ways I can help the city. I plan to work with more organizations and bring knowledge I have learned through this experience with me. Milwaukee is my home, the earth is my home, I plan to protect and help nurture it back to balance.

I encourage others to get involved in restoration, there are many ways to help. I have put 10.5 hours in this semester with RRF and it is amazing what can be accomplished in a few hours of work. Working with RRF gave me a better understanding of how valuable urban green space is. Without organizations similar to RRF, the city would be in a critically worse condition. I have helped assist in restoration the major spheres of our ecosystem, encouraged public access and given native biodiversity a chance to flourish. Working with RRF was rewarding and worth while. I could not recommend it more to my reader’s to help out in their local cities and reap the benefits of improving life in the urban world.


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